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At Byers Toyota, our certified service department is only staffed with certified technicians that understand Toyota cars and SUVs and their alignment service requirements inside and out. Routine wheel alignment in response to concerning tire wear patterns is one of the easiest ways to get the longest life out of your tires, preserve a smooth driving experience, and to get the most value out of your tire investment. When a Toyota in or around Delaware, OH is due for an alignment service, you can count on us to offer the alignment service needed at an impressive quality that encourages our loyal customers to return visit after visit.

Our Alignment Services

The Value of Frequent Tire Inspections & Alignment Checks

Frequent tire inspections and alignment checks will ensure that misalignment gets detected quickly. Tire inspection is a thorough physical assessment to detect rapid wear or damages. When a tire inspection finds rapid wear, it is very likely a misalignment issue that can be easily corrected with an alignment service. The value of frequent tire inspections is finding rapid wear when it occurs but before it can worsen to cause advanced symptoms of wheel misalignment. We also recommend routine alignment checks to detect misalignment or in response to rapid wear to confirm misalignment. Alignment check service includes alignment equipment that evaluates wheel angles to determine if they are misaligned. 

What Happens When You Delay Alignment Service?

The first telltale sign of wheel misalignment is uneven tread wear. The first signs of rapid tread wear can be difficult to detect for the untrained eye. Rest assured when misalignment causes rapid tire wear that the wear will only worsen with time to affect the driving experience and ultimately safety. Rapid tire wear that goes unnoticed will begin causing worsening symptoms, such as vibrations in the steering wheel or cabin at speed, tires having difficulty holding pressure, and tire blowouts. To prevent the worst symptoms of wheel misalignment, we recommend that you schedule an alignment check.

Our Alignment Services' Core Features

When we perform an alignment service, we include the same core resources for every service with the only difference being the number of wheels included. Our two-wheel alignment corrects the front two wheels while the four-wheel alignment corrects all four wheels. Each alignment service includes a certified technician, a state-of-the-art service department, and computerized wheel alignment equipment. The certified technician relies on our trusty laser-guided alignment equipment to evaluate each wheel angle, resetting them as necessary to secure factory specifications.

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