How to Easily Trade In Your Car, to Get the Vehicle You Want and the Affordable Payments You Need

You loved your car when you bought it--or, maybe you hated it even then but necessity demanded buying a cheap or small car. But now, you're ready for something new, and you feel like your current vehicle is just holding you back.

Is It Worth It to Take a Car to Auction, or Sell It Privately?

Delaware and Columbus drivers upgrade to new cars all the time, but knowing the smartest way to get out of your current ride and into a new one can make a big difference, because there's no right way. And, there are a few options.

You could sell it at auction, or sell it privately. But the easiest way to upgrade (and to really get your money's worth) is to trade-in your car, truck, or SUV at Byers Toyota.

Let's talk about your options.

If you have a rare or exceptionally well-maintained car that's popular, you may be able to get some decent money for it if you sell your car at an auction near Worthington, OH--however, more likely than not, you'll be forced to settle for a much lower price than you were hoping for.

In a private sale, you may be able to sell your truck or SUV to a private buyer in Lewis Center and get the money you want right into your bank--but, there are a lot of uncertainties that come with private sales. You'll deal with tire-kickers, on-the-fencers, and hagglers.

Or, you could take the easy way to get into a newer, better car.

How to Value Your Trade with Byers Toyota

When drivers from Marion want to trade up to a better car, they trade in with Byers Toyota.

To make it even easier, you can appraise your truck, SUV, or car right here online. Just give us some details about you, your car's model, and its general condition, and we'll give you an estimate in no time at all.

Then, come on in to shop for your newer vehicle, and use your trade-in value to reduce monthly payments on your lease or new auto loan. Simple. Easy. Affordable.