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The process of buying a car can be stressful for some; after all, cars are not as easy to buy wholesale as you would with groceries or even some appliances. While our new Toyota models and used cars are priced affordably, very few have the means or desire to buy a vehicle with cold, hard cash. Financing or leasing a Toyota both present excellent payment solutions to streamline the total cost. After you find your next car, talk to our Toyota finance center here at Byers Toyota for your best options moving forward. Our dealership is located in Delaware, OH and conveniently serving the Marysville and Westerville, OH areas.

Toyota Loans for Long-Term Solutions

A Toyota financing agreement is an excellent solution for anyone who has their heart set on one particular new Toyota or used Toyota and want to make it their own. When you finance a new Toyota, you make regular payments through an outside lender until the full balance of the vehicle is paid-off. Our dealership works with dozens of reputable lenders around the area and you will always find some excellent Toyota financing deals available at our dealership. Other benefits of financing include:

  • Equity: If you recently paid off some past debts, but are waiting for your credit to bounce back, a Toyota loan helps you build equity when payments are made on-time. Equity helps strengthen your credit rating and future buying power.
  • Less Restrictive: Lease contracts set caps on the number of miles you can take your car annually, as well as the amount of customizations you can make to it. With an auto loan, you can take your Toyota anywhere and accessorize it however you like!
  • Ownership: At the end of the loan agreement, once your vehicle is paid off, you can consider it yours to trade, sell, gift, or keep as you see fit.

While financing a Toyota has a lot of strong upsides, this payment plan is not without its drawbacks, which you may wish to consider:

  • Depreciation: Every new vehicle suffers an immediate loss in value the minute you start driving it off the lot, even though the car itself remains in excellent condition. This drop is known as "depreciation" and it means that you will not get as much back as you put in, should you decide to sell the car.
  • Warranty Coverage: Marion, OH drivers who finance a new Toyota will need to look into additional coverage options in the long-term for maintenance and repairs. While Toyota warranties are comprehensive, they will eventually expire if you're in it for the long-haul.
  • Higher Payments: Lease payments tend to be lower as the end result is not total ownership of the vehicle. In a loan agreement, to get lower monthly payments, you may have to put a higher payment down, or pay higher monthly payments.

Toyota Leases for Short-Term Convenience

Leasing is a great choice for shoppers near Dublin or Delaware, OH who enjoy shorter commutes, infrequent road trips, and relative simplicity. Leasing works similar to renting a car, only with the addition of down/monthly payments made through a lending organization. A Toyota lease agreement typically lasts between 26 to 60 months, making it an advantageous choice for those who do not want to get tied down to a long-term loan. Leasing has a variety of other benefits as well, including:

  • No Trade: Trade-in is not required for a lease agreement as your down payment and monthly payments will usually be lower, especially factoring in our Toyota specials.
  • Cheaper: Since leasing only covers a certain percentage of the vehicles overall value monthly and down payments will be lower. The Toyota remains covered under warranty and there is no cause for concern about depreciation.
  • Upgrades: After your lease is up, and the Toyota passes an inspection, your lease contract will be finished, and you can then select another new Toyota to lease or finance. Leasing ensures Lewis Center, OH customers always drive the latest car with the newest technology.

Toyota lease contracts are, likewise, not without their own set of drawbacks to consider:

  • Credit: While certain lending institutions permit low-credit leasing, many require your credit score to be higher, if not exemplary, to lease a new Toyota. A low-credit lease agreement may also require a security deposit be paid.
  • Mileage Restrictions: When creating your deal, you will need to choose your annual mileage, with options ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 miles. While this may be sufficient for some, others who take longer road trips for business or pleasure might not find mileage caps as advantageous.
  • Penalties: When returning a leased Toyota, you must first thoroughly inspect it to ensure no external damage has been incurred and that the tires retain a certain traction. You will likely be held responsible for any damage, outside of acceptable wear-and-tear.

See How You Can Save

Whether Worthington customers choose to finance or lease, we encourage all guests to check out our new Toyota specials to see how much you can save. Whether you plan on financing or leasing a Toyota, we will have a wide selection of Toyota special offers and lease deals available each month.

Test Drive a New or Used Toyota Today

We invite shoppers all throughout Ohio to schedule a test drive and visit Byers Toyota in Delaware, OH today to learn more. You can start your deal online and check in with our Toyota finance center to learn about your best payment options moving forward. We look forward to meeting you - apply now!


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