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Toyota Synthetic Oil Change in Delaware, OH

Motor oil keeps your vehicle running its best. Fresh, clean motor oil is essential to long-lasting vehicles. Motor oil with the proper viscosity cleans your engine and prevents the development of mechanical problems. Vehicles pick up dirt and grime on the road which can contaminate the oil. Old, dirty oil loses its viscosity and ability to lubricate efficiently. Every automaker sets recommendations for the schedule for changing the oil and oil filter in the owner's manual. At Byers Toyota in Delaware, OH, our team will change your oil and oil filter replacing it with high-quality oil and products. We provide traditional, semi-synthetic and full synthetic oils.

Oil Change Service

Synthetic Oil Changes

Most automakers recommend changing the oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles. In recent years, new forms of motor oil, namely synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, have been developed that perform better, particularly in strenuous conditions. Often, they remain viable for much longer than traditional motor oil. Some only need changing every 10,000 miles.

Getting a Synthetic Oil Change

Many newer vehicles can use synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. However, it should not be used unless the automaker recommends it. Engine damage can result in a vehicle that's not designed for the newer oils. If used anyway, it can void any vehicle warranties. Our technicians understand the maintenance recommendations for your Toyota model and year. They will let you know the best type of oil change for your vehicle.

Advantages of Synthetic Oil

There are a few advantages to the new motor oil types. They are less likely to have a thermal breakdown, oxidation or evaporation. They are also less prone to developing sludge. This makes these oils attractive to truck manufacturers because of their durability in heavy towing and severe weather conditions.

Byers Toyota Service Department

While there are advantages to synthetic oil, it's not for all vehicles. Our technicians at Byers Toyota in Delaware, OH will advise you on your options. Regardless of the type of oil used, we'll drain the old oil and recycle it. We will also change the oil filter. This will keep metal shavings from going into the engine and damaging the motor internally. If you're taking the easy drive from Powell, Lewis Center, Shawnee Hills, and Dublin, OH, use our online scheduling tool so that your oil change will be quick. Our technicians want every customer to experience the best in vehicle care and maintenance. If it is recommended, take advantage of the benefits of full synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable technicians are the experts in all Toyota models. Don't put off the oil change you need. Come see us at the Byers Toyota Service Department!

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