Brakes for Life

Brakes for Life

Byers Life Time Brake Pad Guarantee

Once you have your brake pads replaced with us, we've got you covered for the life of your vehicle!*

Non transferrable

 Must return at least every 5 months or 2 times within 10 months otherwise guarantee is void

  Must be factory Toyota brake pads, must either machine or replace the brake rotors, only covers brake pads that have been replaced at Byers Toyota

  Does not cover the labor cost to replace brake pads when they are due to be replaced again only the cost of the brake pads themselves

  Does not cover brake pads that need replaced due to mechanical malfunction or any other outside force

  Byers reserves the right to end or change terms of the program at any time

  Will be eligible for replacement at 3mm

******Exclusions & Restrictions******
*All services, including brake pad installation, must be done at Byers Toyota and covers Genuine Toyota Brake Pads only, excludes labor.Warranty covers genuine Toyota brake pads only, excludes labor. Brake pads must be evenly worn with measurement of 3mm for replacement. Brake pads worn or damaged due to other component, part failure, or outside influence not covered. Warranty is not transferable. Customer must have a minimum of 1 brake inspection at Byers Toyota every 5 months or 2 within 10 months or warranty is voided. Non-transferable. Rotors must be resurfaced or replaced. Byers reserves the right to end or change terms of this program at any time and/or without notice.