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As automotive technology advanced, more and more vehicles have hybrid options available. Toyota has jumped in with both feet with their latest models, including the first ever Corolla hybrid, and a RAV4 hybrid marking just two of several models that deliver phenomenal fuel economy and classic Toyota reliability. Byers Toyota in Delaware, OH has a wide range of hybrid Toyota models for Dublin and Marion OH drivers to choose from, so whatever your style, we'll have something you're sure to love.

Why is a Hybrid Vehicle the Right Choice for You at Byers Toyota?

Shopping for a hybrid vehicle is easy with the variety of options available here at our Toyota dealership in Delaware, OH. You might be wondering if a hybrid vehicle is the right choice for you, and our team is happy to walk you through the benefits of each model and how it can benefit your drive. You might have questions - we'll have answers!

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Available Hybrid Models

No matter why type of vehicle you prefer, you can find a hybrid model to suit you in the Toyota lineup.

The Corolla Hybrid is a brand-new addition to the Toyota Hybrid family, but this compact sedan packs a sporty aesthetic and over 50 mpg to help you stretch your fuel budget in style.

Of course, there is the Prius family of hybrid models, with the Prius Prime capable of a staggering 133 MPGe thanks to its plug-in hybrid setup.

The all-new RAV4 hybrid is the classic Toyota compact SUV with a modern twist. At up to 41 mpg and all the rugged reliability of the standard RAV4, this hybrid is perfect for the adventurer in you.

Enjoy comfortable cruises in the mid-size Camry hybrid and full-size Avalon Hybrid sedans, with features such as leather seats, Apple CarPlay, and a panoramic roof to add a sense of flair to your daily travels.

There's even a full-size hybrid SUV, as the Toyota Highlander Hybrid utilizes this system to achieve up to 30 mpg in the city.

Why Buy Hybrid?

When you climb behind the wheel of models like the Toyota Prius or Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, you can expect a leaner and greener way of driving. The most important benefit is the increased fuel efficiency, with hybrid models often doubling the distance you can travel before needing to fill up again. Some can even drive solely on electric power, forgoing the need for gas. Even with the addition of a battery, you still might be surprised by a surprisingly peppy performance that matches gas-powered engines. Electric motors can add to the total horsepower rating, as well. Many of our hybrid options also enjoy the available all-wheel drive, allowing you to go anywhere you want to go!

You can also enjoy benefits like:

  • Fewer Service Visits - with zero additional routine maintenance needs
  • Proven Safety - designed to be just as safe as traditional gas-powered vehicles with insulation around cables and batteries
  • Better Reliability - the engine works less with electric power, which helps improve long term-reliability
  • Sustainable Future - reduces CO2 emissions and reliance on fossil fuels
  • Extra Credit - buying hybrid vehicles often includes discounts from insurance companies and tax credits, as well as incentives for the installation of in-home charging stations

Busting Hybrid Myths

You might have some concerns about hybrid vehicles that you've heard around town, but we're here to tell you what is a myth and what is true.

  • Myth: Hybrid Tech is Unproven - With Toyota hybrid vehicles, you can rest assured that the technology is tested and proven. With hybrid inception that stretches back to 1997 and with seven options, we know a lot about hybrid vehicles at our Toyota dealership.
  • Myth: Hybrids are Expensive - Even with advanced tech, this isn't true. Most hybrid models are maybe $1,000 more than comparable options, but this doesn't account for a reduction in fuel costs or tax credits you can get.
  • Myth: Hybrids are Underpowered - Not true at all. Hybrid vehicles typically boast more total system power than gas-powered vehicles and are usually able to accelerate quicker thanks to the electric engine.
  • Myth: Hybrid Vehicles are Dangerous - There is no truth to this part at all. When a collision is detected, the voltage to wires that power your vehicle is cut off and isolated to the battery. There are also multiple fail-safes in place, including an automatic cutoff switch and clearly-labeled high-voltage wiring. There is no significant difference in safety between hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles.

If you're excited to try out a hybrid vehicle, stop by our dealership today and explore what they have to offer with a test drive!

Visit Our Dealership Today!

When it's time to upgrade to a fuel-efficient hybrid model, there is no shortage of choices at Byers Toyota. Visit our dealership today and test drive any of these excellent examples of Toyota Hybrid technology for a first-hand experience.

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