As your Delaware, OH Toyota Dealer serving the Columbus area, we're happy to prepare you for any weather situation. With the winter months fast approaching, you will want to make sure that you properly prepared for snowy and icy conditions, and the expert service team at Byers Toyota is ready to help.

Below are some tips for Marion, OH drivers to follow that will help you stay ready and prepared for anything the winter months can throw at you. They include:

  • Keep Your Battery in Good Shape- winter months, especially when the temperatures drastically drop, can harm your battery's life. Make sure you have it professionally tested by our expert service team.
  • Keep Your Wiper Blades Updated- replacing your wipers blades is important as they can wear out quickly. Wiper blades that have passed their useful period can leave streaks on your windshield that make it difficult to see in heavy snowstorms.
  • Keep Your Windows Clear- If you can't see out of your windows, you're a danger to yourself and other drivers. Make sure your windshield washer fluid is topped off with a winter-blend and make sure your car's heater is functioning properly.
  • Check Your Oil Level- cold weather causes your engine oil to thicken which makes it harder for the engine to turn over. Make sure you have the proper engine oil for winter months.
  • Keep Your Tires Up-to-Date/Have Winter Tires Put on

While not an exclusive list, these are some helpful tips to better prepare you for the upcoming winter months. At Byers Toyota, our service team is ready to get your vehicle ready for snow and ice. Schedule an appointment with us, and we'll make sure you are good to go when the snow hits!

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